Learn how I used Instagram to launch my service-based business, get paying clients, and build exciting opportunities. Plus grab a FREE guide to growing your business with Insta! Click the image to get all the deets! via christineblubaugh.com


When I first launched my copywriting business last year, I was terrified.

It felt like I had the word FRAUD tattooed across my forehead. The doubts about what I was doing were so intense that I was having mini panic attacks on pretty much a daily basis.

I’d landed a couple of clients through word-of-mouth, but I knew that I had to put myself out there and actually tell people (gasp!) about my work.


I thought about my options:

A Facebook post where I just lay it out – Guess what,everyone? I’m a copywriter!

A blog post where I tell the entire saga of my business and explain why I changed directions so suddenly – I mean, the people care deeply about the choices I make and need a detailed explanation, right?

Or just hide out, binge some Netflix, and pray that clients and money come raining down from the sky – it could happen, right?…


But in the end I didn’t do any of those things.

Facebook? Too many people I like actually know. Way too scary.

Blog post? But then I have to promote it, and I don’t even have a website yet…

Netflix and pray? Huhhh… not the best marketing tactic.


I decided that the only real option, then, was to launch my business on Instagram.

I’d built up a decent following during my health coaching days and not too many of my friends and family were paying attention there, so it was like the best of hiding out AND coming out.

Little did I know that launching my business on Instagram (and basically not mentioning it anyplace else) would lead to new clients, a booked schedule, collaborations, and so much more.



The speed and success that came directly from Instagram continue to blow me away.

I’d always seen Instagram as like a vanity project. Like – look at me and my perfectly-styled life! Look how many followers I have! I’m so amazing!

There’s plenty of that over on Insta, for sure, but I learned very quickly that it doesn’t have to be a shallow pit of narcissism.


Instagram is an amazing place to share your message, show up as an imperfectly perfect person, find your ideal clients, and grow your business.


Find out how I used Instagram to launch my service-based business & actually get paid. Plus grab a free guide that outlines my strategies to filling my client roster! Click the image to get the deets!

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3 Things I Did to Launch My Biz & Get Paid with Instagram:


1. I got my bio on point.

Your bio is the thing that tells people what you do, who you serve, and how you help them. Instagram doesn’t give you a lot of space for this, but you need to make sure that your ideal clients understand what you’re about.

When I launched my business on Instagram, I updated my bio to clearly state that I was a copywriter for online solopreneurs. My bio also included a brief sentence about the benefit of my services – making my peeps more cash.

I wrote a detailed blog post all about Insta Bios that get clients. Head over here to check it out, and then hustle on back for the rest of this goodness.


2. I showed off my expertise.

Depending on the nature of your business, brand, etc., there are many things you might post about on Instagram. No matter what, though, you MUST be sharing your expertise.

What do you do? How do you help people? Get that badassery out there. Your audience needs to know that you’re an expert who knows her stuff.

For me, that meant posts where I taught my audience about copywriting. I gave lots of tips and shared advice related to my specific niche, so they could see that I was legit.


3. I connected with my ideal clients & influencers who serve the same people.

The thing that most entrepreneurs skip on Instagram, but is actually the most important thing of all, is connecting with people. Clients, partnerships, and other opportunities come when you build relationships.

Don’t just scroll and like the pretty pictures you see. Find your ideal clients and influencers you want to connect with, and start a conversation with them.

Do NOT leave lame ass 2-word comments (Nice post! Great stuff! – you know the ones I’m talkin’ about…). Answer the questions they’re asking. Reply to comments left on your posts. Chat with people like you would in a Facebook group.

Treat people on Instagram like they’re your friends and potential clients, because – NEWS FLASH: they are.



Using the strategies I listed above (plus those in the free guide you can grab by clicking the teal box) led to major results for me, very quickly.

– My 1:1 client schedule filled up quickly.

– I hit the $5K month mark just 4 months into my business.

– I was invited to guest post for other blogs.

– I was invited to be the guest expert for another business owner’s membership program.

– And a bunch of other great opportunities that have led to more clients and income!


Have you used Instagram to grow your business? Have questions about my strategies or any of your own to add? Share in the comments below!