“I was having such a hard time communicating the benefits and value of my program to my audience, so my sales were underwhelming. When I worked with Christine, I was able to tell her about my program, my clients’ struggles, and the results they’ve seen. She took that and ran with it!

What I got back was sales emails and sales page copy that actually converted. My community finally understood how I could help them. Because of that, I sold more spots than I was ever able to, at a higher price than I ever had, and made more money than I ever had in a launch. Someone even told me that my copy sounded like the bottom of a Cosmo cover! Thanks so much Christine!”

Veronica Grant

Relationship Coach

“Before working with Christine, I just couldn’t get the right words on paper. I had too much in my head and couldn’t figure out how to make it land. It was awesome feel like my copy was written WITH me and to see my words laid out in the right format for a sales page. That page was one of my biggest humps to get over so I could finally launch my program.

This copy resonates so much better than anything I could’ve done on my own. I loved how Christine listened to me, heard what I was saying, and translated it into something that expresses my message and helps me sell.

Katie Kozlowski

Life & Spirituality Coach

“I knew I wanted to get published online to grow my business, but I wasn’t sure I could make it happen. With Christine’s guidance I’ve had proposals accepted by inspired Coach Magazine, Business Insider, YFS Magazine and more.

I never would have felt confident submitting those pitches or been able to create headlines that appeal to editors the way Christine did for me. She’s my hero!”

Kathleen Ventura

Conscious Branding Coach

“Christine is a highly skilled copywriter. She was able to see immediately where my copy wasn’t in alignment with my business goals. She read between the lines to identify some of the fears that were coming through in the language I was using. Her feedback was valuable and smart. She really helped me find my voice and my confidence.

Sasha Tozzi

Recovery Coach

“Wow. I’m impressed. Christine, this writing has the personality I was talking about. I’ve read a lot of copy and am typically disappointed. Not this! You really nailed it!! I’m so thankful! Thank you, thank you!”

Kristin Molenaar

Beauty Brand Business Coach

“I have been totally hitting a wall trying to write my sales page for my new course. Like can’t-sleep-at-night stressed out about it for weeks. Christine totally saved the day and created amazing sales page copy for me that captures my personality and vibe for my new venture spot on! She did such a fantastic job. Christine, you are a rockstar!!”

Sam Duncan

Graphic & Web Designer