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You know what sucks?


Spending a ton of time creating content, writing copy, and making stuff for your audience – only to find out that they aren’t interested in the thing you slaved over.


Oh, that 50 page e-book you spent a month writing and designing? Yeah, no. We don’t want that.


So, how do we make sure that the blog posts, webinars, guides, challenges, e-books, web copy, etc. are actually going to help us sell our products and services so we can pay the rent?


It’s pretty simple – we find out what our customers need & want from us. Then we create things that fulfill those needs & wants.






There are a few questions that, when asked of our audiences, will tell us all we really need to know to provide our peeps with the information, ideas, and inspiration they’re looking for.


You can create a digital survey to ask these questions, or, my personal favorite, you can get people on the phone. Having actual conversations lets you ask followup questions and really get inside the minds of your ideal customers.


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Here’s the Cliff’s Notes on the Q’s to ask your audience:


1. What specific problem or frustration do they have that you can help with?

2. How is that problem or frustration affecting their life, business, health, etc?

3. What do they wish things were like?

4. What’s stopping them from having that wish?

5. What have they already tried that hasn’t worked?


You have all this info about your audience – now what?


Step 2: Create Content They’re Crazy About


Now that you have all of this intel on your audience, the next step is to brainstorm ideas based on what they said.




Let’s say that you’re a health coach, and you’ve just asked the above questions to some of your ideal clients. They told you that:

1. The specific problem they have is struggling to lose those last 10 pounds.

2. It’s affecting their lives by making it super stressful and difficult to find a bathing suit that works for summer vacation

3. They wish that they could drop a few pounds and feel confident strutting their stuff at the beach.

4. The thing stopping them from losing those pounds and having that confidence is a lack of time for working out and preparing healthy meals.

5. They’ve tried dieting and counting calories, but they’ve never been able to sustain that way of eating.


Based on this, you could create:

  • A blog post: 10 Tips for Eating Right & Working Out When You Have No Time
  • A free guide: The 30-Day No-Diet Summer Slim Down Meal Guide
  • A webinar: 3 Secrets to Feeling Sexy in Your Skin – even if you’re trying to lose those last 10 pounds



Since you’ve asked the questions, you know that these are topics your audience cares about. You simply share your expertise regarding these topics, infuse it with your personality and style, and watch as your dream clients come pounding at your door.


Assuming that you know your stuff and can provide solutions, they will LOVE you for creating content that helps them feel sexy at the beach this summer (or whatever the equivalent is for your industry and niche). 


That’s it! You’re on your way to writing content that attracts customers and earns you cash – cuz we both know that electric bill isn’t paying itself.


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